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Solutions for diffirent audiences

RealSMA delivers every day web applications running in your browser. Integrators develop solutions that are used by the end users.

End Users

End users can colaborate with the integrators when specifying their needs with an integrated living documentation system. RealSMA will also deliver out of the box solutions that can then be configured and changed to fit your particular needs.

The following applications will be used as a proof of concept to test the frameworks capabilities:

  • Getting Things Done - Under development during testing. Also used as a tutorial.
  • Specifiication System - Will be used to help specifying requirements for applications
  • Monitoring System - There is currently a needs to collect data and represent it in specific ways.

System Integrators

Using the development cycle RealSMA helps you to deliver the right solution to your users:

  • Specify - Use the living integrated documentation system to specify requirements collaboratively. RealSMA uses the documentations to test functionality.
  • Model - From the specifications a model is built to ensure that all the needed requirements are met.
  • Apply - Using web based configuration tool the model is applied to the application. Automated testing is done against the documented specification.

Qt Developers

In the future we might consider releasing some components of the framework to help other Qt Developers do rapidly deliver web applications. Qt is not only a GUI framework but has a very powerful set of classes to help deliver server side applications too.

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